I had a hole in my two-story living room and contacted Dom. I sent him some pictures and he was very responsive to set-up time to come to my house and assess the source of the damage. When Dom arrived, he was very professional and friendly. Dom did a thorough check of the roof and chimney area, even sending me pictures of what he was seeing. Dom couldn’t see anything from the exterior to cause the damage so he went into my attic. He did a thorough check of the area and found the source of the damage. Dom sent me a video of what he saw. The HVAC pipe was missing foam insulation in multiple places. Condensation was dripping through the attic insulation which caused the small hole in my ceiling. Dom told me how to easily fix the problem which I greatly appreciated.With his thoroughness to find my problem and advice on how to fix it, I knew he was trustworthy. I asked if he could fix some other issues that I knew I already had, like my gutters and shutters. Dom gave me a fair price and now those issues have been resolved. Dom earned my business moving forward. Taking the time to fix a small problem is worth the future business that comes with it. Thanks again, Dom!