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Need gutter cleaning services in Atlanta, GA, or just an inspection of your existing gutters and roof, it’s essential to seek assistance from a reliable local team that excels in gutter installation and repairs. For top-notch craftsmanship and excellent service, turn to the experts at DOM Roofing & Restoration.

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Full Service Gutter Cleaning Company

Expert Gutter and Roof Cleaning Contractor.

We clean Gutters in Atlanta, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Alpharetta, Cuming, Woodstock, Marietta, and surrounding cities. 

When you’re looking for the best gutter cleaning company in Atlanta, GA, look no further than DOM Roofing & Restoration.

Our gutter cleaning service is done the traditional way: From the top! We clean and inspect the roof as well. We have skilled and qualified staff who can work on any kind of roof. We take care of all your gutters and downspouts and remove any dirt from the roof and valleys. We also make sure to clean up after ourselves. You will get to see the difference with our before and after pictures.

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Should I Clean My Gutters?

The necessity of gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning prevents a wide range of dangerous problems that could be extremely harmful to your house. All gutters are meant to the way of the water and different debris runoff. That is why it is important to maintain this constructional option in a satisfactory condition.

The main reasons for the gutter cleaning are the following:

  • The procedure prevents the water and debris from overflowing;
  • The gutter cleaning ensures the long-term operation of the house gutting system;
  • Regular cleaning prevents house damage in terms of the water and debris seeping into the basement, foundation, and other construction parts.

One more key point that should be mentioned – is that gutter cleaning prevents insects from clumping in the gutter pipes. Different pests prefer the wet environment to live in. That is why the loaded with debris (old leaves, other dirt) gutter could become a wonderful breeding ground for destructive pests. Cope with one more risk for your comfort – book a service call to us and stay pleased with the result of our gutter cleaning!

Why Clean Gutters

Keep in mind that when gutters become blocked with debris, water overflow can harm your home. The mixture of dirt and water may infiltrate various parts of the house, including the siding and basement. Additionally, the foundation and walkways can suffer deterioration. In cases of severe gutter obstruction, the only solution is to repair the deteriorated gutter or consider a complete gutter replacement.

When is the best time of the year to clean gutters?

The best time of year to clean gutters is typically during the spring and fall. Here’s why:

  1. Spring Cleaning:
    • Early spring is an ideal time to clear out leaves and debris from your gutters. Doing so ensures that rainfall can flow freely into the downspouts.
    • As some trees shed their last leaves during spring, cleaning your gutters helps prevent clogs and keeps water moving away from your home.
  2. Fall Cleaning:
    • Fall is another crucial time for gutter maintenance.
    • Removing crisp, dry leaves before winter arrives prevents them from becoming soggy and causing issues during colder months.
  3. Frequency:
    • Experts recommend cleaning gutters once or twice a year.
    • At a minimum, fall cleaning is advisable to remove excess leaves and debris that can block water flow.
    • Neglecting gutter maintenance can lead to problems like overflowing gutters and potential damage to your home’s foundation.

Remember, keeping your gutters clear is essential for proper water drainage and preventing costly repairs. If you find it challenging to clean them yourself, consider hiring the professionals at DOM Roofing & Restoration to do the job for you!

Gutters Cleaning Before and After
Gutters Cleaning | Roof Cleaning

How to Choose a Gutter Cleaning Company in Atlanta, Georgia?

It’s always best to hire professional roofing and gutter contractors in Atlanta, GA, you heard the horror stories of somebody falling from the roof or ladder. Not all gutter cleaning companies are the same.

What should you look out for when choosing your Atlanta, GA, gutters and roof cleaning company?

Never entrust something as important as your home to a disreputable company. Make sure that you choose an Atlanta, Georgia, roofing company with the following traits:

  • Fully insured contractor.
  • Expertise in roofing and gutter services
  • Has received excellent reviews from other local homeowners.

5 STAR reviews on Google. Check Our Google Reviews!

A. Feodorovich
A. Feodorovich
Dom Restoration and Roofing performed some leak repairs on my roof. The team was extremely professional, accurate, cost-efficient, and on time! They are definitely on my list for any future needs, and I highly recommend them!
Sonya Lowe
Sonya Lowe
Referred by my neighbor VH. Mr. Raphael worked with me and offered to contact my insurance company if needed. Had a 7 week postal delay with the insurance check but Mr Raphael stayed in contact every couple of weeks to make sure I was good. Once it arrived, they set a date very quickly. On that day they were very professional. Came a little early but finished exactly as promised. Everything finished before 4 pm. Cleaned up everything. No sign of them being here afterwards except for the new roof. Very competitive rates as well. Received photos and videos of the actual work being done and completed project from Mr. Alex. I recommend this company to anyone looking to have roof work. Thank you to Raphael for your continued service.
Blukarma “Blukarma”
Blukarma “Blukarma”
Excellent service is an understatement! Both Dmitry and Alex made me feel so comfortable with this whole process. Extremely punctual, the team showed up on time just as I was told and finished before I knew it. You will not be sorry for choosing Dom Restoration & Roofing. I can't thank you all enough!
Erin R
Erin R
Extremely pleased from start to finish with Domroofing roof repair services. Raphael was the specialist who arrived at our house 2 hours after calling Domroofing about parts of our ceiling falling down. Raphael was professional, thorough, and patient. He guided us through the entire process via start to end, was exceptional about responding to texts and queations. Raphael diagnosed the problem, explained what and why it happened and offer a clear plan of action about how his team would repair the problem with an estimate. Photos were also provided to support the diagnosis and explanations. The following day, the work was completed. Upon the work being done, it was clear that DomRoofing goes beyond what they " have" to do and put in the time to do a sustainable repair. Jason, the roof repair specialist, has attention to detail and awareness of aesthetics, and this is clear from his work. He really did a stunning and through job of upgrading and replacing the accessories on top of the roof along with repairing the leak and making the roof look whole again despite having to gut it to repair it. Excellent work. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend.
Steve Tinter
Steve Tinter
They were very quick to respond to my emergency.
Alvin Steward
Alvin Steward
Bailey Barnard from DOM Roofing is a model representative of the company. He understands the meaning of world class customer service. He was detailed in explaining my options, and answered all of my questions completely. I gave had many roofers come to my home but none as good as Bailey. Thank you Bailey. I appreciate your time and expertise.
Greg Vassar
Greg Vassar
Raphael and his team did a great job repairing some extensive damage on my roof, and at a fair price. I would recommend them to anyone needing repairs or a full replacement
Shay Valdman
Shay Valdman
Expert work, fast delivery and professional approach!
Pierre Nelson
Pierre Nelson
Raphael made sure I was fully taken care of . I’m so happy that I chose Dom Roofing for my needs.
Never got back to me to schedule a consult, so I didn’t their estimate. Neutral rating because of this.

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DOM Roofing & Restoration stands as the seasoned roofing and gutters contractor in Atlanta, GA serving the entire Metro Atlanta Area. Whether you’re dealing with water leaks, clogged gutters, damaged gutter structures, or any other issue, contact us for swift and efficient gutter cleaning and repairs.

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