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Whether you require gutter repair services around our offices in Sugar Hill or Suwanee,  or anywhere around Atlanta, (Buford, Lawrenceville, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Marietta, Woodstock) or simply need an inspection of your existing gutters and roof, it’s crucial to seek help from a dependable local team specializing in gutter installation and repairs. For exceptional craftsmanship and outstanding service, look no further than the experts at DOM Roofing & Restoration.

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Sugar Hill Gutter Repairs Company

Expert Gutter and Roof Repairs Contractor.

We repair gutters in Atlanta, Buford, Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Alpharetta, Cuming, Canton, Woodstock, Marietta, and surrounding cities. 

When you’re looking for the best Gutter Repair Company around Suwanee, GA, look no further than DOM Roofing & Restoration. We’ll inspect, clean, repair, or replace your gutters as needed; at the same time, you’ll get a free roof inspection as we are roofing professionals who work day in and out on roofs and gutters.

The gutter system is a crucial part of your home’s construction. Its primary function is to manage water flow and remove debris. When the gutter system works effectively, it minimizes the risk of property damage. However, problems with the gutter can lead to roof leaks, siding, fascia and soffit rotting, a flooded yard, and an unclean house. Rainwater and old leaves may seep into the foundation, basement, and other structural components.

To prevent these risks, timely gutter repairs are essential. Our specialists are equipped with the necessary tools for both gutter inspection and repair. We ensure fast and high-quality fixes for your gutter system.

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Gutter Repairs Suwanee Sugar Hill

How do I know if my gutters need repairs?

Here are some signs that your gutters may need repairs:

  1. Noticeable Holes and Cracks:
    • Over time, the elements can damage your gutters, leading to cracks or holes.
    • These can cause leaks and, if left unaddressed, may worsen over time.
    • Repair small cracks and holes with sealant or fascia pieces screwed over the damaged area to extend your gutter’s lifespan.
  2. Broken Fasteners:
    • Fasteners connect gutter sections and attach them to the roof.
    • Loose or fallen fasteners need repair or replacement promptly.
  3. Missing Nails or Screws:
    • Nails lying around indicate the need for gutter repair.
    • Properly fastened screws are more reliable than nails.
    • Ensure your gutters are well-secured to prevent future repair costs.
  4. Gaps, Cracks, Rust, or Mold:
    • Inspect for gaps, cracks, rust, or discolored paint on the exterior wall near the gutters.
    • These signs indicate potential issues that require attention.
  5. Overflow of Water:
    • If water overflows from your gutters during rain, it’s a clear indication of a problem.
    • Clogs or damaged gutters can lead to water pooling around your home.
  6. Stagnant Water:
    • Standing water in gutters can attract pests and cause damage.
    • Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent this issue.
  7. Sagging Gutters:
    • Sagging gutters may not drain properly.
    • Address sagging promptly to avoid further damage.

Roof and Gutters Damaged by tree in Woodstock, GA

How to Choose a Gutter Repair Company in Georgia?

When it comes to roofing and gutter contractors in North, GA, it’s crucial to hire professionals that specialize in gutters and roofs. You’ve probably heard horror stories about accidents involving falls from roofs or ladders. We are licensed and insured and you can trust us to do an excellent job at fixing your damaged gutters.

When choosing your Atlanta area gutters and roof repairs company, keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Fully Insured Company:
    • Ensure that the company you choose is fully insured. This protects both you and the workers during the gutter repair process.
  2. Expertise in Roofing and Gutter Services:
    • Look for a company with specialized knowledge in roofing and gutter systems.
    • Experienced professionals can handle repairs efficiently and effectively.
  3. Positive Reviews from Local Homeowners:
    • Check reviews and testimonials from other homeowners in the local area.
    • A company with excellent feedback is more likely to provide quality service.
Remember, your home is a significant investment, so don’t entrust it to a disreputable company. Choose DOM Roofing & Restoration, which meets these criteria for peace of mind.

Gutter Repair Services

1. Sagging Gutters Repair

When your gutters sag, it can lead to water pooling and inadequate drainage. This excess water stress can cause hardware failure, further sagging, or even complete collapse of the affected gutter section. Additionally, water leaking from these low points can lead to wood rot in the eaves and erosion of the foundation.

2. Leaky Gutters Repair

Leaking gutter seams are a common issue. Over time, caulking can deteriorate due to UV sunlight damage, debris accumulation, storms, or ice buildup. Our team specializes in re-sealing gutter seams to prevent leaks.

3. Improperly Sloped Gutters Repair

Identifying improper gutter slope can be challenging. If your gutters fail to drain properly without visible leaks, slope issues may be the culprit. Correcting this is crucial to prevent standing water or pooling at the lowest point. Our repair technicians will assess the slope and adjust and re-pitch the gutters as needed.

4. Gutter Addition and Replacement

We offer the following services to enhance your gutter system:

  • Realign Gutters: Correct slope issues to eliminate standing water and overflow problems.
  • Reattach Loose Gutters: Secure loose gutters using screws.
  • Downspout Repair/Addition: Ensure efficient water flow away from your home.
  • Gutter Section Installation: Add new sections as needed.
  • Leaking Miter Corner Resealing: Prevent leaks and maintain a functional gutter system, preventing rotten siding, doors, windows, patios, and decks.

At DOM Roofing & Restoration, we prioritize quality workmanship to protect your home and maintain proper drainage. Contact us for all your gutter needs!

5 STAR reviews on Google. Check Our Google Reviews!

Michael Tozzolo
Michael Tozzolo
Bailey was phenomenal. Super responsive. I wasn’t located at the house while he was working so he also took a plethora of before and after photos. Super pleased.
Zviad Nikif
Zviad Nikif
Outstanding service, quality work, fast response to customer care. Highly recommend.
Vadim Dmitriev
Vadim Dmitriev
We recently had serious issues with our roof, and DOM Roofing & Restoration provided the most comprehensive assessment of the situation. Their professionalism during the repair process was exceptional. We are extremely satisfied with their work and highly recommend their services.
Stephanie Southerton
Stephanie Southerton
Professional from beginning to end. Beautiful work.
Shantia Hawk
Shantia Hawk
Dom and the team are knowledgeable, thorough and professional. They repaired my skylight and I'm thankful it no longer rains inside my home! Great job guys. You've earned a loyal customer! 👏
Roof repair&replacement,chimney cap replacement , best roofing company in Suwanee , Buford ,Sugar Hill. Great communication- A thorough and complete explanation of every step using samples of the actual products used. Then photos of the roof emailed to me as the work progressed. Great service- Prompt and on time. Finished everything including cleanup per expected schedule. Great workers!- Experienced crew and project manager who really knew their stuff. Very efficient. Quality work. Very pleased with their work and customer service! You can’t go wrong with DOM.
Rakesh Ranjan Jha
Rakesh Ranjan Jha
I and owner became a close friend and after a few interactions. I can vouch for his work and suggest anyone to go for the service provided by him without looking any further for more research. The crew that company sent to my home was clearly made up of seasoned experts in the roofing industry. Their knowledge and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the project. I was thoroughly impressed by their efficiency and the quality of their workmanship. The finished product is simply stunning – a beautiful new roof extension that enhances the appeal of my home. Thank you team.
Hanna Stadnikova
Hanna Stadnikova
I want to appreciate the work the company “DOM Roofing” did, we had a tree fall down on our roof, the roof was damaged really badly, this company was suggesting to us. They did their job quickly and effectively, we are very happy with the results. I recommend this company for anyone who has any problems and is looking for a professional work.
Angel Gray
Angel Gray
Excellent roofing services. Bailey Barnard (DOM PM) recently performed a roof inspection and quote for my new roof. He was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable on roofing and it’s upkeep. I greatly appreciate his assistance and highly recommend his team for your roofing needs.
Louis Zayas
Louis Zayas
Great company. Called one evening for some gutter work, they came out same night to look, gave us excelled quote for work, did not overcharge. Took their time to go over what is or isn't needing repairs. Didn't try and oversell anything. All work completed in a day or two. Very happy, would definitely recommend them for any roofing or gutter needs.

Contact us today for FREE Gutter Repairs Estimate from your trusted local Suwanee roofing specialist.

When it comes to gutter repairs, quality, timely, and effective solutions are non-negotiable. Choose DOM Roofing & Restoration for unparalleled expertise in gutter repair services, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We own our own gutter fabricating machines and can fabricate and install gutters at your place.

DOM Roofing & Restoration is a seasoned roofing and gutters contractor in the Atlanta area, with its main office in Sugar Hill at the border with Suwanee. Whether you’re dealing with water leaks, damaged downspouts, clogged gutters, damaged gutter structures, rotten fascia boards, soffits, siding, trims, or any other issue, contact us for quick and efficient gutter repairs and home restoration services.

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