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You may not need a total roof replacement if you have a leak or damage. We provide roof repair services, such as replacing missing shingles, resolving a leak, or repair roof damages caused by trees.

Regular roof repair from an expert roofer can keep your Atlanta home or business safer longer without needing a full replacement.

  • Local Atlanta, GA Roof Repair Company
  • Veteran-Owned Family Business
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Materials, 10 Years Labor
  • Licensed and Insured Roof Repairs Contractor
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GAF Certified Plus Residential Roofing Contractor in Atlanta GA
Roofing Insights Certified Contractor in Atlanta, GA
NCI Certified Composition Shingle Roof Inspector in Atlanta, Duluth, Suwanee
Veteran Owned Roofing Company in Atlanta GA
GAF Roof for Troops GA Roofing Company

Atlanta, GA Roof Repair Company

Expert, Certified Roofing Repair Contractor.

No pressure sales, honest, reputable roof repair company!

When you’re looking for the best roof repair company in Atlanta, GA, look no further than DOM Roofing & Restoration. Unlike other roofers, we’re GAF Certified Plus Roofing Contractor. This is a rare honor that only 3% of roofers have nationwide. One-stop, full-service Atlanta Roofing Company that knows how to do your roof repairs right the first time.

This means we have the most accurate knowledge of our craft and deliver the best for your roof repair services. We spot problems before they get worse, we know what roofing materials will work best for your home or business, and we always have the Atlanta owners in mind by trying to repair the roof instead of replacing them when it makes sense.

Reputable Honest Roofing Contractor DOM Roofing & Restoration

Professional Roof Problems Troubleshooting

All set of roof repair services

It often happens that different types of roof repairs are necessary. Our company provides clients with high-grade service in order their houses will be protected. The roof is meant is one of the most important constructional option. That is why it should be regularly inspected and be repaired well-timed.

The portfolio of our repair services includes a wide range of capabilities that could put the roof covering and other components kit in the satisfactory condition. Among the available roof repairs are leaky roofs mending, shingles reparation and other.

Annual Roof Inspections Atlanta

One of the most dangerous problem is the collapsed roof. We offer fast roof covering reparation – the experts will fix everything immediately in order all your family feels itself protected. Beside the serious damaged roof covering, there is a row of other problems to be solved by our specialists:

  • Partial roof repair – it means that some lost and damaged shingles should be changed. We aspire to increase the strength of your roof covering and stop its aging process as soon as possible.
  • Wooden parts replacement – this service is suitable if the rotting wood process takes place. The repair should be well-timed in order to prevent sagging and caving in procedures.
  • Venting reparation – the damaged ventilation options could be harmful for your home temperature regime. Fast fixation of the venting system will be helpful for your temperature regulation all year round.
  • Fascia repair service – usually this roofing part is damaged because of the stormy weather and the strong wind blows. Fascia replacement will be optimal in such situation. Our experts will complete with this task on the same day of your call.
  • Leaky roof reparation – the obligatory service to save the roof covering and the house at all from the water damage caused by rain or snow melting. We aspire to protect your roof integrity and the house-owners’ comfort.
  • Repair service of leaky roof components kit – all pipe collars, chimneys and flashing should be fixed at time in order to prevent more expensive house damages. We are ready to help you with this task!

Order roof repairs and our team of specialists will diagnose all your problems at time. Fast reparation will save your family nest. Count on our professionalism that could stop any roof aging processes and battle with all roof damages immediately.

When Should You Repair Your Roof?

Depending on the damage your roof has sustained, the signs can easily go unnoticed. Below, we’ve listed the most common symptoms of a damaged roof — including subtle signs that you may have overlooked:

  • Higher energy bills. If you’ve noticed that your monthly energy bills have increased, it could be an indication that your roof is damaged and no longer able to insulate your home.
  • Water damage or damp. Patches of damp or water stains could mean that your roof is leaking. These will usually appear on ceilings or at the top of your walls.
  • Damage to your attic. From visible dampness to broken rafters, a damaged attic is often a sign that you need roof repair in Atlanta.
  • Broken or dirty shingles. If your shingles have started to crack, curl, or look dirty, your roof may need to be repaired. Dirty shingles could mean you have a mold problem. You may also find granules from your shingles in your gutters or on the ground. Roof repair Atlanta services should replace these broken or dirty shingles as soon as possible.
  • Damaged flashings. Regularly check your flashings for signs of damage, as you’re unlikely to spot deterioration without a proper inspection.

Alpharetta Roof Repair
Roof Repair Storm Damage Atlanta

Can I Repair My Own Roof?

DIY Roof Repairs

Carrying out roof repair in Atlanta can be incredibly dangerous — not just for the person up the ladder but also for anyone inside your home. Nobody wants to risk causing more damage, so that’s why we recommend hiring roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA.

DIY Roof RepairsOur experienced contractors make us one of the most popular roofing companies in Atlanta, Georgia. If you think your roof may be damaged, give us a call. We can inspect your property professionally and advise you whether it’s safe to carry out the repairs yourself.

If your asphalt is only mildly damaged, you may be able to fix the issue with some simple DIY. (Roofs made from materials such as slate, rubber, wood, or metal usually require specialist servicing). To safely fix your Atlanta GA roofing, make sure to follow our top tips for DIY repair:

  • Use a sturdy ladder, and make sure both your ladder and jack are secure before you start work.
  • Always make sure you have somebody with you when undertaking roof repair in Atlanta.
  • Make sure you’re wearing appropriate safety gear, a secured rope, and harness, a helmet, or a hard hat.
  • Carefully inspect the entire area, from the underlayment to the surrounding shingles.
  • Use adhesive to seal the edges of your shingle.

Roofing Repairs Questions?

Have you got more questions about roof repair in Atlanta? To find out more about our services — or just to chat all things roofing! — give our friendly team a call, and we’ll help you come up with the best solutions for your Atlanta roofing today!

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How to Choose a Roof Repair Company in Atlanta, Georgia?

It’s always best to hire professional roofing repair contractors in Atlanta, GA, for anything more severe than a few broken shingles. But what should you look out for when choosing your Atlanta GA roofing company?

Never entrust something as important as your home to a disreputable company. Make sure that you choose an Atlanta, Georgia roofing company with the following traits:

  • Fully insured contractor.
  • Offers a great Atlanta GA roofing warranty.
  • Has received excellent reviews from other local homeowners.

5 STAR reviews on Google. Check Our Google Reviews!

A. Feodorovich
A. Feodorovich
Dom Restoration and Roofing performed some leak repairs on my roof. The team was extremely professional, accurate, cost-efficient, and on time! They are definitely on my list for any future needs, and I highly recommend them!
Sonya Lowe
Sonya Lowe
Referred by my neighbor VH. Mr. Raphael worked with me and offered to contact my insurance company if needed. Had a 7 week postal delay with the insurance check but Mr Raphael stayed in contact every couple of weeks to make sure I was good. Once it arrived, they set a date very quickly. On that day they were very professional. Came a little early but finished exactly as promised. Everything finished before 4 pm. Cleaned up everything. No sign of them being here afterwards except for the new roof. Very competitive rates as well. Received photos and videos of the actual work being done and completed project from Mr. Alex. I recommend this company to anyone looking to have roof work. Thank you to Raphael for your continued service.
Blukarma “Blukarma”
Blukarma “Blukarma”
Excellent service is an understatement! Both Dmitry and Alex made me feel so comfortable with this whole process. Extremely punctual, the team showed up on time just as I was told and finished before I knew it. You will not be sorry for choosing Dom Restoration & Roofing. I can't thank you all enough!
Erin R
Erin R
Extremely pleased from start to finish with Domroofing roof repair services. Raphael was the specialist who arrived at our house 2 hours after calling Domroofing about parts of our ceiling falling down. Raphael was professional, thorough, and patient. He guided us through the entire process via start to end, was exceptional about responding to texts and queations. Raphael diagnosed the problem, explained what and why it happened and offer a clear plan of action about how his team would repair the problem with an estimate. Photos were also provided to support the diagnosis and explanations. The following day, the work was completed. Upon the work being done, it was clear that DomRoofing goes beyond what they " have" to do and put in the time to do a sustainable repair. Jason, the roof repair specialist, has attention to detail and awareness of aesthetics, and this is clear from his work. He really did a stunning and through job of upgrading and replacing the accessories on top of the roof along with repairing the leak and making the roof look whole again despite having to gut it to repair it. Excellent work. Excellent customer service. Highly recommend.
Steve Tinter
Steve Tinter
They were very quick to respond to my emergency.
Alvin Steward
Alvin Steward
Bailey Barnard from DOM Roofing is a model representative of the company. He understands the meaning of world class customer service. He was detailed in explaining my options, and answered all of my questions completely. I gave had many roofers come to my home but none as good as Bailey. Thank you Bailey. I appreciate your time and expertise.
Greg Vassar
Greg Vassar
Raphael and his team did a great job repairing some extensive damage on my roof, and at a fair price. I would recommend them to anyone needing repairs or a full replacement
Shay Valdman
Shay Valdman
Expert work, fast delivery and professional approach!
Pierre Nelson
Pierre Nelson
Raphael made sure I was fully taken care of . I’m so happy that I chose Dom Roofing for my needs.
Never got back to me to schedule a consult, so I didn’t their estimate. Neutral rating because of this.
Rapid deployment roof repairs team in Atlanta and Suwanee

Our Roof Repair Experience

Our team of highly-trained and experienced roof repair contractors is the smart choice in Atlanta, GA.

Check out verified reviews to see the great things Atlanta, Georgia has to say about DOM Roofing & Restoration, your trusted local roofing business.

DOM Roofing and Restoration team | Certified Roofing Contractors

Our Credentials

DOM Roofing & Restoration LLC Business Review
We are a BBB accredited roofing company and Owens Corning preferred contractor.

As a GAF-Certified Company, every contractor goes through specific training and certification to meet the high set of standards of GAF. With such strong credentials, it’s easy to see why businesses and homeowners trust our team of contractors for their roofs.

GAF-Certified Roof Repair Contractor

When you choose our company, you can rest knowing you’re in good hands. We are manufacturer certified by GAF, the number one qualification in the roofing industry that US roofing companies can have.

As GAF-certified Atlanta roofers, we have the expertise needed to do a job well and in a timely manner. Our local roofers use the industry’s best techniques and premium materials for every brand-new roof or roof repair. Best of all, we back everything we do with an airtight warranty.

GAF Certified Plus Residential Roofing Contractor in Atlanta GA

Contact us today for FREE Roof Repair Estimate from your trusted local Atlanta roofing specialist.

When it comes to roof repairs, timely and effective solutions are non-negotiable. Choose DOM Roofing & Restoration for unparalleled expertise in roof repairs, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Don’t let roofing problems compromise the integrity of your property – trust us to safeguard your investment.

Contact us today to experience the difference of choosing DOM Roofing & Restoration for your all your roof repair needs.

DOM Roofing & Restoration stands as the seasoned roofing contractor in Atlanta, GA serving the entire Metro Atlanta Area, addressing emergency roof repair needs promptly. Whether you’re dealing with water leaks, wind damage, a compromised roof structure, or any other issue, contact us for swift and efficient roofing repairs.

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