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  • Veteran-Owned Family Business
  • Warranty: Lifetime on Materials, 10 Years Labor
  • Licensed and Insured Roof Replacement Contractor
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GAF Certified Plus Residential Roofing Contractor in Atlanta GA
Roofing Insights Certified Contractor in Atlanta, GA
NCI Certified Composition Shingle Roof Inspector in Atlanta, Duluth, Suwanee
Veteran Owned Roofing Company in Atlanta GA
GAF Roof for Troops GA Roofing Company

Sugar Hill Roof Replacement Company

Expert, Certified Roofing Installation Contractor.

No pressure sales, honest, reputable roofing company!

When you’re looking for the best roof replacement company around Atlanta, look no further than DOM Roofing & Restoration. Unlike other roofers, we’re GAF Certified Plus Roofing Contractor. This is a rare honor that only 3% of roofers have nationwide. One-stop, full-service Atlanta Roofing Company with offices in Sugar Hill and Suwanee that knows how to do your roof repairs right the first time.

This means we have the most accurate knowledge of our craft and deliver the best for your roof installation services. We spot problems before they get worse, we know what roofing materials will work best for your home or business, and we always have the Atlanta homeowners in mind by trying to offer the best services and best materials at affordable prices.

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Why Your Roof is Important

Full Service Roofing Company

The roof is meant to be the main construction option that protects the house. For the roof covering to meet the main house owner’s requirement – to prevent ingress of moisture, dust, and dirt into the accommodation unit, it is necessary to inspect the shingle’s condition and run the roof replacement well-timed.

The roof replacement process described below will explain what is involved in getting a new roof and how we take care of our customers. Our group of specialists aspires to make your house comfortable with the help of qualitative step-by-step actions.

Our Roof Replacement Process:

Understanding the roof replacement process is really important for homeowners. First off, it helps them make smart choices. When they understand the process, they can evaluate options effectively.

Knowing about the process also helps homeowners make sure the job is done right. They can tell if the work meets the standards and if the right materials are being used.

Understanding the roof replacement process helps homeowners know what to expect. They’ll know how long things will take and if there will be any problems. This way, they can be ready for anything that comes up.

Overall, knowing about replacing a roof helps homeowners work better with the people doing the job, make better choices, and make sure their home gets the best treatment.

We ensure your home is protected and looks impeccable

Join us as we guide you from the first knock to the final inspection of your new roof.

Initial Contact

Our expert team is ready at your doorstep, providing tailored roofing solutions.

Roof Inspection

A thorough assessment of your existing roof with video explanations of conditions and solutions. Servicing Suwanee, Sugar Hill, Buford, Alpharetta, and the entire Metro Atlanta area.

Roofing Materials and Preparation

We partner with top U.S. manufacturers for quality roof materials delivered right to your home. We take extra care to protect your property and landscape before starting our roof repairs or replacement.

Roof Installation Process

Removal of old shingles, inspection, and preparation of decking for stability, and constant updates from our project manager. Emphasis on proper ventilation for enhancing your roof’s lifespan.

Final Steps

Installation of essential water protection and synthetic felt paper for double decking protection. All pipe boots are replaced, followed by a comprehensive roof inspection.

Pricing Transparency and Quality Assurance

No unexpected charges during your roof replacement. We utilize the best roofing techniques and materials, surpassing industry standards.

Roof Warranty and Ongoing Care

Our warranties are manufacturer-backed. We’re committed to addressing any future roofing issues and provide annual maintenance checks to ensure lasting satisfaction.

At DOM Roofing & Restoration, your happiness is our top priority! Trust us to keep your home safe and stylish.

Do I need a new roof?

Here are 10 signs that indicate you might need a new roof:

  1. Age of the Roof: If your roof is approaching 25 years old, it’s time to have it inspected and consider a replacement. Asphalt shingle roofs typically have a lifespan of 20 to 40 years, depending on the type of shingles. Keep in mind that if new shingles were installed over an existing layer, their longevity might be shorter (around 20 years).
  2. Neighbor Activity: Pay attention to your neighbors. If many of them are getting their roofs replaced, it could be a sign that yours needs attention, too. Homes in the same neighborhood often age similarly, especially if they were built around the same time.
  3. Missing Shingles: If you notice missing shingles, it’s a clear indication of roof weakness. Shingles weaken, and the adhesive holding them in place can separate, leading to shingle loss. While a few missing shingles can be repaired, widespread issues may require a new roof.
  4. Cupping, Curling, or Clawing Shingles: These signs suggest that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. Cupping and curling occur when shingles peel away from the layers below while clawing involves the center of the shingle lifting. Extreme temperatures, poor installation, ventilation issues, or age can cause these problems.
  5. Grit in the Gutter: Asphalt shingles have granules embedded in their surface, which protect them from the sun. Some granule loss is normal, especially for new roofs. However, excessive granule loss indicates aging shingles.
  6. Cracking Shingles: Cracks in shingles are a red flag. Inspect your roof for any signs of cracking, as it can lead to leaks and further damage.
  7. Shingle Pieces in the Yard: If you find shingle fragments in your yard, it’s time to assess your roof. These pieces indicate shingle deterioration.
  8. Sagging Roof: A sagging roof structure is a serious issue. It could result from water damage, structural problems, or weakened materials. Seek professional roof evaluation promptly.
  9. Water Damage: Water stains on ceilings or walls are clear signs of roof leaks. Active leaks need immediate attention to prevent further damage.
  10. Dark Streaks: The appearance of such strains is considered one more stage of covering aging. It is useful to call the specialists to stop the roof from declining.

Remember, regular inspections and timely repairs can extend the life of your roof. A well-timed roof replacement could prevent the potential underlying deck boards/OSB damage. If you notice any of these signs, contact us today for a FREE roof inspection to determine if a new roof is necessary. Many roofs sometimes just need a quick repair.

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Roofing Replacement Questions?

Do you have more questions about roof replacement in the North Georgia area, what areas we serve and why you should choose us? To learn more about our services — or just to chat about roofing! — use the contact form below or give our friendly team a call, and we’ll help you come up with the best roofing solutions for your Atlanta area home today!

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How to Choose a Roof Replacement Company in Sugar Hill, Suwanee or anywhere around Atlanta?

It’s always best to hire professional roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA, for anything more severe than a few broken shingles. But what should you look out for when choosing your roofing company?

Never entrust something as important as your home to a disreputable company. Make sure that you choose a local roofing company with the following traits:

  • Fully insured contractor
  • Offers a great roof warranty
  • Uses the best roofing materials
  • Has received excellent reviews from other local homeowners.

5 STAR reviews on Google. Check Our Google Reviews!

Michael Tozzolo
Michael Tozzolo
Bailey was phenomenal. Super responsive. I wasn’t located at the house while he was working so he also took a plethora of before and after photos. Super pleased.
Zviad Nikif
Zviad Nikif
Outstanding service, quality work, fast response to customer care. Highly recommend.
Vadim Dmitriev
Vadim Dmitriev
We recently had serious issues with our roof, and DOM Roofing & Restoration provided the most comprehensive assessment of the situation. Their professionalism during the repair process was exceptional. We are extremely satisfied with their work and highly recommend their services.
Stephanie Southerton
Stephanie Southerton
Professional from beginning to end. Beautiful work.
Shantia Hawk
Shantia Hawk
Dom and the team are knowledgeable, thorough and professional. They repaired my skylight and I'm thankful it no longer rains inside my home! Great job guys. You've earned a loyal customer! 👏
Roof repair&replacement,chimney cap replacement , best roofing company in Suwanee , Buford ,Sugar Hill. Great communication- A thorough and complete explanation of every step using samples of the actual products used. Then photos of the roof emailed to me as the work progressed. Great service- Prompt and on time. Finished everything including cleanup per expected schedule. Great workers!- Experienced crew and project manager who really knew their stuff. Very efficient. Quality work. Very pleased with their work and customer service! You can’t go wrong with DOM.
Rakesh Ranjan Jha
Rakesh Ranjan Jha
I and owner became a close friend and after a few interactions. I can vouch for his work and suggest anyone to go for the service provided by him without looking any further for more research. The crew that company sent to my home was clearly made up of seasoned experts in the roofing industry. Their knowledge and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the project. I was thoroughly impressed by their efficiency and the quality of their workmanship. The finished product is simply stunning – a beautiful new roof extension that enhances the appeal of my home. Thank you team.
Hanna Stadnikova
Hanna Stadnikova
I want to appreciate the work the company “DOM Roofing” did, we had a tree fall down on our roof, the roof was damaged really badly, this company was suggesting to us. They did their job quickly and effectively, we are very happy with the results. I recommend this company for anyone who has any problems and is looking for a professional work.
Angel Gray
Angel Gray
Excellent roofing services. Bailey Barnard (DOM PM) recently performed a roof inspection and quote for my new roof. He was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable on roofing and it’s upkeep. I greatly appreciate his assistance and highly recommend his team for your roofing needs.
Louis Zayas
Louis Zayas
Great company. Called one evening for some gutter work, they came out same night to look, gave us excelled quote for work, did not overcharge. Took their time to go over what is or isn't needing repairs. Didn't try and oversell anything. All work completed in a day or two. Very happy, would definitely recommend them for any roofing or gutter needs.
Rapid deployment roof repairs team in Atlanta and Suwanee

Our Roof Repair Experience

Our team of highly-trained and experienced roof replacement crew is the smart choice for your home. We have replaced thousands of roofs in and around Sugar Hill, Suwanee, Buford, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Cumming, Johns Creek, Roswell, Norcross, Sandy Springs, Peachtree Corners, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Marietta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, and more.

Check out our verified reviews to see the great things Atlanta, Georgia, has to say about DOM Roofing & Restoration, your trusted local roofing business.

DOM Roofing and Restoration team | Certified Roofing Contractors

Our Credentials

DOM Roofing & Restoration LLC Business Review
We are a BBB accredited roofing company and Owens Corning preferred contractor.

As a GAF-Certified Company, every contractor goes through specific training and certification to meet the high set of standards of GAF. With such strong credentials, it’s easy to see why businesses and homeowners trust our team of contractors for their roofs.

GAF-Certified Roof Contractor

When you choose our company, you can rest knowing you’re in good hands. We are manufacturer certified by GAF, the number one qualification in the roofing industry that US roofing companies can have.

As GAF-certified Atlanta roofers, we have the expertise needed to do a job well and in a timely manner. Our local roofers use the industry’s best techniques and premium materials for every brand-new roof or roof repair. Best of all, we back everything we do with an airtight warranty.

GAF Certified Plus Residential Roofing Contractor in Atlanta GA

Contact us today for FREE Roof Replacement Estimate from your trusted local Sugar Hill roofing specialist.

When it comes to roof replacement, timely and effective solutions are non-negotiable. Choose DOM Roofing & Restoration for unparalleled expertise in roof repairs, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Don’t let roofing problems compromise the integrity of your property – trust us to safeguard your investment.

Contact us today to experience the difference of choosing DOM Roofing & Restoration for your all your roofing needs.

DOM Roofing & Restoration stands as the seasoned roofing contractor in Atlanta, GA serving the entire North Atlanta Area, addressing emergency roof repair needs promptly. Whether you’re dealing with water leaks, wind damage, a compromised roof structure, or any other issue, contact us for swift and efficient roofing repairs.

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